Gun Scare Leads To Concern At Area Schools

Some tense moments Wednesday morning on Lexington's north side, when police were called to a house on Spring Station drive.

Students at two nearby schools were told to stay inside after reports of a young man with a weapon.

Neighbors tell us it's not the first time police have been called to this home, but exactly what happened this time is anything but clear.

Some neighbors say a member of a paving crew started taunting the 16-year-old boy across the street from the work site. Others say it was the boy who verbally went off.

The paving crew claims the boy stood at his front door with a weapon.

Police searched the house, but came up empty. They didn't find any weapons inside.

While all this was going on, students from Bryan Station Middle and High Schools who were outside were told to come into the schools as a precaution.

There were no arrests and no one was injured.

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