Somerset Police See Things Not Seen Before

The picture is of a white Ford Mustang. But it was taken at night...and police can't pick out the tag number.

But with a few keystrokes and clicks of a mouse what was invisible to Somerset Police Detective Shannon Smith becomes much clearer.

“We have a better portion of the license plate, EY 4777,” says Smith, pointing to the cleaned up video.

In another video a truck is being followed in the rain.

“When you take an image like this it's very blurry,” says Smith, describing the video in which the license plate and other features are not identifiable.

But when cleaned up, police could quickly run a tag and possibly find out who's behind the wheel.

“With a system like this...we're able to put our resources to better use. And help to identify people who are committing whatever variety of crimes,’ says Smith.

Smith couldn't release another video because of an open investigation but he says the system has already been useful in identifying a suspect from a recent crime at a financial institution.

Before the system arrived...they didn't know who committed the April 2000 crime.

“Now due to the video system we know who he is,” says Smith.

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