Suspected Con Man Strikes Lexington

A man arrested for scamming women out of more than a million dollars may have started his con career in Central Kentucky. Jay Quint, 42, was arrested in Chicago after the parents of a woman Quint was dating became suspicious.

Police found Quint used a phony name and told at least 8 women he was a successful businessman. Investigators say he was really a disbarred attorney from Georgia running a scam.

In 2005, Quint came to Lexington to learn about the horse industry. Mark Toothacre, who runs Liberty Farm got to know him and even took him and some friends to the Kentucky Derby. Toothacre says Quint bought a few horses and boarded them at his farm. Shortly after, Toothacre says Quint was not paying his bills and disappeared. According to court records, Quint owes more than 50-thousand dollars to three different Lexington companies for the care of his horses.

That was just the start of the alleged scam. Police say Quint used his charm and phony success to lure at least 8 women in a half dozen states into relationships, then scammed them out of more than a million dollars.