Cold Weather Causes Plant Problems

We've had some wacky weather this spring. It's made for some real headaches for those of us who feel like we have a "green thumb."

With the month of April starting out with temperatures in the 80's, some people got excited and did a little planting in the garden, but now they are learning those plants didn't make it.

Louis Hillenmeyer owns Louis Flower Power Shop and says the cold weather was too much for the plants.

"We had those five nights where it got down into the mid to low 20's and that's what caused a lot of damage," he said

Many different types of plants felt the damage.

Hillenmeyer says geraniums, marigolds and salvia are all impacted by cold temperatures and were likely destroyed. Tomatoes are also sensitive and may have been impacted by the frigid temperatures.

Donna Westerman, who planted early, also lost some of her plants.

"Mainly my perennials. I think I lost all the roses.. I didn't figure there was anything I could do," she said.

Experts say we're planting earlier than we did in years past, so when temperatures dip below freezing, the impact is greater.

Forecasters say we're done with the cold weather, but a lot of people are hoping we don't see an April like the one we just came through, ever again.

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