Tubby Smith Attends Graduation For Students at Tubby Smith Clubhouse

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The former UK coach returned to Lexington to visit with some special young graduates.

13 year-old Troy and 12 year-old Ingrid are among 70 students who packed into an auditorium today as their proud parents looked on in amazement.

They are here because they have completed a 10 week computer program and are the Spring 2007 graduates of Tubby's Clubhouse.

They are the first class to graduate since Coach Tubby Smith left the University of Kentucky.

As the coach along with his wife Donna returned for this graduation, these graduates realize just how important this program is to them and to Tubby.

But three years after the partner ship with Dell and other companies, there's still concern about if this program will go on.

We only have funding for another year.

Tubby says, "I hope someone will keep it going, it doesn't have to bear my name."

So as Ingrid gets her certificate and Troy takes home his new printer for a computer he helped design, these graduates and their parents say they appreciate Tubby Smith and his foundation.

As the graduates take pictures with the coach one speaker put it best; they are now part of an elite group of just 700 students to complete the program.

Tubby's Clubhouse is made up of five locations across Kentucky. Tubby says he plans on opening more clubhouses in Minnesota and expects to attend the graduations in Kentucky as well.

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