74-year-old woke up to half-naked stranger in her room

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - A Clark County woman woke up in the middle of the night to a half-naked man staring down at her. Police quickly arrested that man and identified him as 22-year-old Travis Asher.

"Evidently I forgot to lock my door. I always lock my doors when I go to bed. I went to bed and I was just laying there getting kind of sleepy and I felt weird. I felt like there was a presence," 74-year-old Fay Mason remembers, "this boy was standing there against my bed, leaning right over me. He had his pants all the way down."

Winchester Police are charging 22-year-old Travis Asher with attempted rape. They say he dropped his wallet in Mason's kitchen when he ran out of her house.

"I told this boy, 'get out of my room. Get out of my room and go away.'"

Mason is talking about this scare, despite her own discomfort.

"I'm still shaky. My insides are just trembling," she says, "I'm afraid if he would do that to an old lady like me, if he gets a hold of a child, there ain't no telling what he would do them, and that's not right."

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