Bird Dictating Construction Schedule

A groundbreaking, held Tuesday, ushered in a new era for Fayette County schools. The soon-to-be built Liberty Elementary School will replace Julia R. Ewan.

The site is being prepared for construction, but it seems one of the residents isn't ready to leave home just yet. A red-tailed hawk has made her home high atop a tree on the site and she's not going anywhere until her babies are ready.

Construction crews left the tree alone when they noticed the nest. The mother hawk and her two new babies call the tree home. It's a good thing crews decided not to disturb the hawk. It could have cost them a pretty penny.

One worker says they could have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars if the endangered birds had died.

Brian Perry, a naturalist at Raven Run Sanctuary, says the birds will normally return to the same nest year after year, but with all the construction these birds might not return. It could even disturb them so much that they leave before they're ready.

Red-tailed hawks are native to the area and good for the ecological balance of the region, but until her babies are ready to leave the nest, the mother bird is going to stay put and the new Liberty school will have to continue to work around her.

Officials are planning to leave the tree alone until the birds leave but if they don't leave, officials will have to redesign their plans and that could take a lot of time and be very expensive.

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