Crime Stoppers: Bajio Mexican Grill burglarized

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On August 19th, Lexington police say the Bajio Mexican Grill, located in Hamburg Pavilion, was burglarized.

"In the surveillance video you see two males come through a side window which they broke to get in and they try to destroy a camera over the cash register. They go to an office area where they stole electronics, a radio system, and there was no cash in the cash register to steal", says Detective Carol Simms with the Lexington Police Department.

Police say it's hard to make out the suspects in the surveillance video, but one is wearing a very distinct jacket they're hoping someone can identify, leading them to the two suspects.

"It looks like a cross to me. It's pretty distinctive, so if someone see this jacket they may be able to tell us who has this jacket", says Detective Simms.

Crime Stoppers is hoping someone can help identify the two suspects. Call Crime Stoppers today at 859-253-2020 or dial *2020 on your AT&T wireless phone. It's a free call and they only want your information, not your name.

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