Walmart making changes for Black Friday

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"I'm really nervous about the crowd I don't know what to do," said Lexington resident Jaslynn Turley.

Turley still plans on shopping on Black Friday, but she's a little wary of the expected crowds.

Last year on the busy shopping day a Walmart worker in New York was trampled to death when the doors to the store opened.

Off-duty officers in Lexington will be working to make sure some customers don't get out of control.

"They get in there and they lose their rationale, which they generally have 364 days a year," said Lt. Edward Hart.

But this year Wal-Mart is also making changes to prevent a repeat of last year's incident.

Developed by experts who have helped with events like the Super Bowl and Olympics, the new plan means discount stores will be open 24 hours to keep a steady flow of shoppers.

Instead of having customers line up outside, they will be able to form lines inside for specific items. Workers will be supervising the lines, handing shoppers the discounted merchandise, which goes on sale at 5 a.m. Friday.

"Anytime you can organize it and have a better system of order there is less likely to be a problem inside," said Hart.

Workers will also be positioned at the doors to direct customers and keep them moving so it's a good shopping experience for everyone.

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