Purse Snatching Victim Fights Back

Police are hoping what they have on surveillance video turned over to them from Wal-Mart helps them catch the thief.

Police say the driver of a maroon Suzuki Vitara was looking for a victim with a purse at the Williamsburg Wal-Mart Saturday night.

A woman who had just gotten off work walked to her car with groceries to put away. Police say that's when the driver of the Suzuki stopped at nothing to get her purse.

“He just came walking up beside me and grabbed my purse and I struggled for my purse. I turned around; he punched me in the head,” says the victim who asked not to be identified.

She was knocked down but she wasn't down and out.

“When I got back up I went after him. By the time I got back up I had my keys in my hand and I started punching his window, trying to break his car window; instead I broke my hand,” she says.

The victim says she's never seen the thief before and now, police are looking for the man. They're also looking for who's responsible for other purse snatchings in Williamsburg.

“Some as to which subjects drive by in the parking lot; somebody hanging out the window and snatching ladies' purses at random,” says Williamsburg Officer Shawn Jackson.

“The store had been so busy that day and it was like a regular customer and you don't pay attention to anybody,” says the victim of her ordeal.

But some customers did pay attention to her and they chased the suspect down I-75 who then threw the purse out the window. Highway workers found it Monday and everything was still inside. Her wrist though isn't in such good shape.

“[The] doctor checked it out and he thinks I broke a couple of little bones inside. I have a lot of soft tissue damage,” she says.

Police are still looking for the driver of the maroon Suzuki Vitara with a partial tag of 995. He will be charged with first degree robbery.