Vandals Strike Again, Torching Historic Tree

Neighbors are furious after vandalism at Woodland Park leads to one of the city's oldest trees being cut down.

Last week two trees at the park were set on fire.

The trees were significantly damaged, but they survived the first bout of vandalism. However, the vandals struck again Wednesday night and this time, they destroyed one of the trees.

An enormous sycamore tree, more than 100 years old, was so badly burned, city officials were concerned about its structural soundness.

Cutting the tree down has stirred up some controversy among people who live near Woodland Park. Some say the city acted too quickly in getting rid of the tree.

We're told four different arborists looked at the tree and because of the fire damage inside they agree the tree is not structurally sound.

So, for safety reasons, all 10 tons of the tree are coming down.

We're told that the city is trying to save the other tree that was vandalized.

There is a one thousand dollar reward being offered for information on the vandals.

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