Criminal Charges Could Follow Tragic Accident

A man could be charged in the death of his girlfriend, who was killed in a crash last month. Gary Cooper and Amber Rachford were headed back from a Cincinnati Reds game on April 21st.

They were just a few miles from Lexington when their car veered off the southbound lanes of Interstate 75, went into a ditch and hit a tree. Rachford died at the scene, Cooper was rushed to UK hospital.

Accident investigation reports show Cooper's blood alcohol level was above the legal limit at .12 when they crashed. The legal limit is .08. An alcohol investigator also determined Cooper was driving at 85mph. However, a witness told investigators she figured the car passed her going at least 100mph on the interstate.

Cooper tells 27NEWSFIRST he and Rachford had a few beers at the game, but he doesn't feel alcohol was a factor in the crash. He said he would never intentionally hurt the love of his life. Commonwealth Attorney Gordie Shaw said the case could go before a grand jury as early as next week.