Brothers Say Video Proves They Are Innocent Of Assault

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They say they didn't even know they were in trouble. This week two southern Kentucky brothers were indicted for beating up a man at the Corbin Walmart. Now they could face years in prison and they claim they didn't even throw a punch.

When their mother saw her sons names in the paper being indicted on first degree assault she told them to turn themselves in. Joey Wilson and Chris Engle did and were arrested. They have video of the fight that shows not only did they not throw a punch, but they were on the other side of the parking lot when it happened.

Joey Wilson's brother Chris Engle is sitting in a jail cell accused of first degree assault. In December man was beaten in the Walmart parking lot in Corbin. The victim is the son in law of Kentucky State Police Trooper. Surveillance cameras captured the incident. Wilson says he and his brother were with the two men who assaulted the victim that night. But he says they weren't a part of it. And he says the tape proves it.

Kentucky State Police in London are investigating the assault. They tell 27 Newsfirst the tape proves they are responsible. And they say the victim identified them. But Brenda Popplewell, the attorney for Wilson and Engle says there is no way her clients could have been involved.

Joey Wilson was able to make bond,but he says he doesn't feel relief to be out of jail because his brother is still behind bars. Wilson and Engle are scheduled for a pre-trial conference in June. Engle's bail is set at $50,000.

State Police say they can't comment further because it is an ongoing investigation.