Salvation Army helps feed the hungry on holiday

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There was a large turnout at the Salvation Army today as hundreds of people showed up for the annual Thanksgiving dinner.

"I'm thankful people can eat together and celebrate together", says Michael Scott, who received a meal.

Before the doors opened at noon, volunteers put together 85 meals to be delivered to people that were unable to make it to the Salvation Army.

"They're so very appreciative and that gives me a good feeling too and makes me more thankful", says Dr. Amy King, a volunteer.

"It's just a blessing for me to have the opportunity on Thanksgiving to serve", says Major Debra Ashcraft, with the Salvation Army.

Last year they had more than 400 people stop by for Thanksgiving dinner, and expected to have just as many this year.

Lundy's Catering had enough food to serve 700 people this year.

"I live homeless, so this is a blessing for me to be able to have some place to come on Thanksgiving", says Frank Wilson, who received a meal.

The Salvation Army also had more than 100 volunteers who took time during their holiday to help feed those stopping by.

"They're taking time out with their families and kids to do a great job", says Barbara Banks, who received a meal.

Many of the people in attendance at the event say those helping with the event don't go unnoticed on this holiday of giving thanks.

"I pray for these people everyday, believe that! It means a lot to me. These are very special people", says Frank Wilson.

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