Former Fugitive Makes First Court Appearance In Kentucky

A Louisville father, accused of running when he was let out of jail to help his sick son, appears in Kentucky court for the first time.

U.S Marshals found Byron Perkins and his girlfriend in Mexico. They'd been on the run for more than a year.

During Monday's arraignment, Perkins asked the judge for a new attorney. He wants to drop his public defender and hire private council.

Perkins also said that he wants to withdraw his guilty plea on drug charges. Those are the charges that landed him behind bars in the first place before he allegedly ran off to Mexico with his girlfriend.

Perkins and his girlfriend arrived back in Kentucky on Friday afternoon to face federal drug and escape charges.

Perkins was released from the Oldham County Jail in January of last year. His son needed a kidney transplant and Perkins was let out of jail to find out if he was a match to be a donor.

Instead though, police say Perkins took off to Mexico and was not found by authorities until last month.

Perkins will be back in federal court again Thursday for another hearing in his case.

Perkins' son did end up getting a kidney transplant last year and is doing well.