City Discussing Sunday Liquor Sales

A proposal to allow Sunday liquor sales in restaurants is in the talking stages at Danville.

The city has allowed restaurants to sell alcohol by the drink since 2003 if they have at least 100 seats and derive at least 70 percent of their income from food. But Sunday has been off limits.

The Danville City Commission discussed several possible changes in the city's alcohol-sales ordinance, including allowing restaurants to sell alcohol after one p-m on Sundays.

Leading the push for Sunday sales is City Commissioner Terry Crowley, who said to recruit more employers to Danville, the city must have a variety of choices for dining and entertainment options.

City Commissioner Gail Louis said she wants to see Sunday preserved as a family day.

Citizen reaction to the idea was mixed during a period of public comment. The commission took no vote, and the earliest a vote might
come would be in two weeks, when the formal amendments to the
ordinance are ready for commission review.

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