Man helps thwart robbery in parking lot

A woman is thanking a men for stepping in when a man tried to rob her outside a grocery store. It happened Thursday evening.

Judy Parker was walking in the parking lot of the Kroger, on Old Paris Pike, in Lexington. Just as she finished putting groceries in her car, a man grabbed her and snatched her keys.

On her key chain was a whistle she carried for years, after grabbing the keys she blew that whistle and two brothers came to her aide.

Kyle Macintosh was in the parking lot and saw what was happening and rushed to her rescue. He grabbed the suspect, but was forced to back down when the man pulled out a gun.

The suspect got away.

Police arrived in the area a short time later and searched several areas. They did not find the suspect.

The woman had gone to the store to buy some last minute items for her Thanksgiving meal.

No one was injured.

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