Boaters Or Bust?

Since January, many boat ramps have been extended and tourism officials have worked to erase the perception that all the water in Lake Cumberland is gone.

Alligator One Marina in Russell County used to be one of the more popular places to launch a boat, but that's now impossible.

“No one is going to come up here. You can't launch; we won't see that many people other than our slip people,” says Manager Mark Blakeman.

The Russell County Marina has 11 cabins, but only two are booked for the three day weekend.

Blakeman jokes that instead of boats, he's thinking about putting cows out to graze in what used to be a cove. It's now a grassy inlet. “We're just trying to make the best out of bad situation right now,” he says.

That includes telling people there'll be less drift wood to damage boats.

“That's true. There's no drift out there and they can run and have a good time; no worry about tearing up your props,” says Blakeman.

Others think boaters will still come, but once they see the lake they'll do a lot of complaining.

“I think there's going to be quite a few boats damaged because of running in the shallow water, not knowing what's out there,” says Larry Goff, a houseboat owner.

“We just won't have it this year. We're at the end of the creek. With no launching ramp you know. We're going to be the lone soldier out here,” says Blakeman.