Cold Snap Damaged Fruit Crops

With the warm temperatures we've had lately, it's hard to believe that just last month, temperatures dipped into the 20's. That cold snap damaged fruit crops here in Kentucky.

Evans Orchard and Cider Mill kept a very close eye on thermometers when the temperatures took a plunge.

"Those four nights of low 20's just devastated us at the time," said orchard owner Kevan Evans.

Evans says some fruit didn't make it through the cold.

"We still have a total loss on our pears and peaches; strawberries fared fairly well," he said.

Evans is trying to find some of the fruit elsewhere but it may take some legwork. He says the closest peaches were eight hours away.

Milton Adams who also grows strawberries watched his garden suffer.

"I say were gonna have 20 to 30 percent of what we had last year. The vines were just hanging with strawberries. We couldn't pick them fast enough," he said when asked about last year's crop.

Even though the cold weather affected several of Evans' crops, that hasn't stopped them from opening up for the season,

Evans says you can never be to sure of what Mother Nature may bring.

"I think we were getting a little cocky thinking we could control nature, and he kinda likes to let us know who is boss every now and then," Evans said.

At Evans Orchard, they are hoping that the cold weather is over with for the year, and that is a pretty good bet as we push closer to Memorial Day.

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