Kentucky Officials Want New Electronic Billboards Taken Down

State and Lexington leaders are now demanding new electronic billboards be taken down.
They say the signs are illegal, and a danger to drivers.
One of them was just put up in Lexington, along Nicholasville Road near Regency Center.
Three others were just put up along interstates in northern Kentucky.
They've already grabbed the attention of city and state leaders. But they say the new high tech billboards, that resemble big TVs, violate state and city laws. Those laws prevent any sign along a road, except for informational signs, to flash or blink.
Drivers in Lexington have taken notice of the new billboard here. That has Lexington building inspectors, who control billboards, worried. They say the glowing signs take attention from the road.
The director of building inspection in Lexington tells 27 NEWSFIRST the company that owns the billboard never applied for a permit to change the standard billboard on Nicholasville Road to the new electronic monitor.
He says the city didn't even know it was there until a citizen complained about it being distracting.
The city and the Kentucky Department of Transportation have sent letters to Lamar Advertising, who owns the billboards. Lamar has been informed the signs violate city ordinances, and they have 30 days to take them down.
Lexington's Director of Building Inspection says Lamar can bring the matter before the Board of Adjustments, or appeal to have the law changed. So far, he says they haven't responded.
Lamar also did not respond to 27 NEWSFIRST's request for a comment.
One of the companies advertising on the Lexington electronic billboard removed its ad today, saying it doesn't want to be part of anything that violates a city ordinance.

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