Car Part Stolen For Profit

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Mike Matherly is driving this van because the truck he normally drives is out of commission. Matherly works at the Nicholasville Walmart, and had parked his car in the back of the parking lot when thieves slid underneath and stole his catalytic converter.

"They just slid in there with a saw and cut it out. And got out of there," said Matherly.

A catalytic converter is a part that helps with emissions and has precious metals in it.

The street value for a catalytic converter is only about one hundred dollars, it can cost the car's owner thousands of dollars to repair.

"I had just put in a new exhaust and now I'm going to have to redo it," said Matherly.

Since his car was parked far away from the store surveillance video may not be helpful in finding the suspects. Matherly filed a report with Nicholasville Police and says he has heard of other incidents nearby.

"A friend said she heard of one at the Walmart in Danville and at the Danville Lowes," said Matherly.

He says he hopes police catch the suspects soon so this doesn't happen to others.

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