City Pools Prepare to Open Their Gates

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As summer quickly approaches and the weather getting better day by day, many people will start anxiously awaiting the opening of city pools. Preps are being made so that you can have some fun in the sun.

Don Fisher is the aquatics manager of the Lexington pools and is excited for the pools to open.

"We have 10 pools, out of 10 pools 8 of them have been painted this spring. What we do now is put the water in and make sure the pumps fire up, once we get those going we will be ready for people," Fisher said.

According to Fisher as of right now all 10 pools will be opening up this season, but that could still change before next weeks May 26th opening.

Once the pools do open to the public you can expect to pay the same as in years past. For The Aquatic Center its 4 dollars for adults and 3 dollars for kids.

Even as the last finishing touches are being made Fisher says it all won't matter unless the weather cooperates this season.

"We are dictated a lot by the weather, as you know it depends on the weather what kind of season we have."

For now some pool gates will remain closed but weather permitting in one week, the pools will be filled.

City pools open for the summer starting next Saturday, May 26th at noon.

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