Central Kentucky Dentist Under Investigation

The state is looking into Dr. Arlene Baluyut of Frankfort after several patients and former employees have filed dozens of complaints against the dentist.

Dr. Baluyut says anybody can file a complaint to the Board of Dentistry and this was the result of two disgruntled employees who were let go.

Nonetheless, it's been a few months now and the state board continues to investigate, even calling a public meeting to determine the status of her license.

Dr. Baluyut denies all of the 44 accusations the State Board of Dentistry have leveled against her. The charges range from allowing assistants to perform root canals, to prescribing Hydrocodone to patients and employees without documentation, to charging thousands of dollars for services that the board says were never rendered.

According to the documents obtained by 27 NEWSFIRST, Dr. Baluyut is also accused of not keeping proper patient records and poor work on patients.

The board states "these violations make her guilty of incompetence or negligence by failure to meet the minimum standards of performance."

Dr. Baluyut says she will not allow the sabotage effort by former employees to ruin her longtime practice.

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