Farmer's Barn Goes Up In Flames

A central Kentucky farmer is picking up the pieces after fire destroyed his barn and everything in it.

The fire broke out just before five on Tuesday morning on Red River Road in Clark County.

Two different fire departments had to respond to help put out the fire.

All that's left of the barn is a smoldering pile of ash. The barn was filled with farming supplies to raise cattle and harvest tobacco. Those supplies were essential for Robert Curtis' livelihood.

"I had most of my farming equipment in that barn: 2 tractors, 2 tailors, tobacco bail, hay mower." he said.

Curtis found out about the fire from a neighbor who called 911 and then him.

"The barn was ready to fall in when I saw it," he said.

And when it did fall in, fire crews had to leave it to burn. That left Curtis to figure out how he'll harvest this year's crop.

Curtis says he doesn't know how many dollars worth of damage the fire caused.

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