Budget Cuts May Mean Less Festive Fourth Of July

Every Fourth of July for the past 10 years in London, people have gathered at College Park for a full day's worth of activities. This year, it's likely those events will be scaled down, if they are held at all.

The city of London has some tough decisions to make.

London, like the rest of Laurel County, must prioritize what to cut and what to fund. It's a decision left to the city's mayor, Troy Rudder.

One of the programs up for consideration is the city's annual $20,000 firework display, which is funded half by the city and half by the county.

According to reports, the county says it won't be providing it's usual funding due to budget constraints. That's left the city to find a solution.

Mayor Rudder says London is faced with similar budget problems and funding a firework display will likely take away from the city's charitable donations.

The city council is currently debating how to handle the situation.

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