Community Leaders Discuss School And Campus Safety

The massacre at Virginia Tech shocked people across the country and raises the question: could it happen closer to home?

That question prompted a meeting of Lexington school officials, city leaders and law enforcement officers to talk about preparing for and preventing that sort of violence in our own back yard.

The situation at Virginia Tech is serving as a reminder that schools, police, and emergency crews need to be ready to respond to a tragedy at a moments notice.

The campus safety meeting on Wednesday was a way for everyone to get on the same page. Lexington mayor Jim Newberry asked for the meeting.

The focus for the campus safety meeting was larger campuses like Transylvania University or the University of Kentucky, places with multiple buildings and lots of people. But it wasn't only focusing on local institutions. People from Danville's Centre College and even Kentucky State University were there to share input and gather information.

Participants discussed the fact that one of the bigger problems with the situation at Virginia Tech was getting information out to students. Major Joe Monroe from UK police says that's in issue the university will have to address.

Mayor Newberry says we do have a campus safety policy in place. He says we have to look closely at the recent shootings to determine what needs to change in our policy.

A good portion of the campus safety meeting was closed to the media because, according to police, there are some safety issues that must remain confidential.

There may be more meetings to discuss campus and school safety in the future.

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