Questions Surround Toddler's Death

He was only 16 months old. A young life that ended Tuesday.

“He was just Braden.....just a good little boy,” says next-door Tammy Mullins of the toddler who died Tuesday at UK hospital. She’s among many asking questions.

Mullins says Braden's mother's boyfriend was taking care of the child Tuesday afternoon. Suddenly...he yelled for her outside.

“He said, ‘Tammy, I think he's having an asthma attack. I'm not sure.’ I said what happened, and he said ‘he fell out of his playpen,’” says Mullins.

She says she called 9-1-1...and waited...and waited some more.

“I said I need someone now. I'm administering CPR..I need you here now. Kept saying they're on their way way..on their way,” says Mullins.

Mullins says she and others continued the fight for survival below a tree....She says more than an hour later.....still no ambulance.

“If me and David would had it to do all over again, we'd have just taken Braden down to the hospital. All by ourselves. Maybe he would have had a better chance,” says Mullins.

But ambulance director Jimmy Bridges says 2 ambulances and a paramedic responded not within a hour...but within 15 minutes.

“According to our records....we got the call at 1:35, we had 2 crews in route. One in 10 seconds and the other in
21 seconds,” says Bridges.

Bridges says the child was revived for a while but he later died at UK hospital.

An autopsy is being done on the child and police are investigation but they say don't know if charges will be filed.

“Unfortunately anytime a child is involved any length of time 5, 10, 12 minutes it seems like a lot longer than that when you deal with a child,” says Bridges.

Police haven't put a timetable on how long their investigation will last.

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