New Website Has Some Federal Officials Worried

It's a new website that has some officials very worried.
For the right price, you can buy online the names of police informants and witnesses that are supposed to be secret.
The site is making national news, causing federal officials to rethink just how public some public information should be.
Testimony from undercover officers and confidential informants can be a big help for U.S. attorneys when it comes to putting criminals behind bars.
Keeping those people confidential is also a priority. But recently, that part of the job was made more difficult.
Officials say a new website makes court documents and informant information available to anyone for a fee.
The website's organizers say it's freedom of speech, and the purpose of the website is to give defendants with few resources a way to investigate, gather, and share information about a witness or police officer.
While it's not illegal, it does have federal prosecutors concerned about what people with bad intentions can do with the information.
But officials say those who cooperate with the state government should not have to worry about the site, or any other site putting their safety in danger.
27 NEWSFIRST has chosen not to give out the web address of this site.
The U.S. Attorney's office says it doesn't know of any incident right now in Kentucky created by the information being sold on it.

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