Mountain Gunman Denied New Trial in Murder Case

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday denied a new trial for a gunman who opened fire on a couple out for a leisurely ride on an all-terrain vehicle along a remote mountain trail, killing the wife and critically injuring the husband.

Kevin Rowe is serving a life sentence for the murder of Tammy Hylton and for the attemped murder of her husband, Robin Hylton, who was shot five times.

In a unanimous opinion, the high court found no reason to overturn the sentence handed down by Pike County Circuit Judge Eddy Coleman.

The April 2005 shooting had shaken mountain residents who routinely ride the small vehicles recreationally on networks of abandoned coal mine roads and who are trying to build a tourism industry around all-terrain vehicles.

Prosecutor Rick Bartley said during the trial last year that Rowe had no real motive for the shootings other than "just to see what it felt like."

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