Meijer Informs You Before Gas Prices Jump

A record number of travelers are expected to hit the highway this holiday weekend.

Besides long delays and traffic jams, drivers are also dealing with sky rocketing gas prices. But it's not enough for many people to change their plans.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Lexington is about $ 3.06. Drivers can find prices at some stations are under three dollars.

If your heading North or West this weekend expect to pay a little more at the pump. In Cincinnati the average price is $ 3.41 and it's $ 3.24 a gallon in Louisville.

If you're heading South you may save a little because that's where the average for regular unleaded in Knoxville is $2.99.

Meijer is now offering a new service that could save drivers money at the pump. You can now sign up to be alerted before prices are raised at Meijer gas stations.

You'll receive a text message on your cell phone a couple of hours before the prices go up. You can sign up at the link below if you'd like to recieve the information.

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