Republicans Rally For Fletcher

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Many of the state's top Republicans
gathered tonight to rally around Governor Ernie Fletcher as he
begins his quest for a second term.
U-S Senator Mitch McConnell formally endorsed Fletcher at the
rally in Frankfort, the first time McConnell has come out and
publicly supported Fletcher since the governor was involved in a
hiring scandal last year.
McConnell said he was quote proud unquote of Fletcher and urged
G-O-P members across the state to work together to make sure
Fletcher beats Democratic nominee Steve Beshear in the fall
Fletcher earned a shot at another term on Tuesday when he beat
former Congresswoman Anne Northup and Paducah businessman Billy
Harper in the Republican primary.
His convincing win seemed to restore his party's faith in
Fletcher, and they chanted "four more years" during the rally.
Even State Senator David Williams, who publicly questioned
whether Fletcher could win a second term last year, endorsed
Fletcher's bid. Williams called Fletcher an honorable governor who
follows his own path.

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