Protesters On Hand As Controversial Museum Opens

Monday wasn't only Memorial Day, it was also the grand opening of a controversial new museum in northern Kentucky.

Visitors and protesters alike lined up outside the Creation Museum in Boone County.

The 27 million dollar facility, just a few miles south of Cincinnati, tells visitors that the earth is just a few thousand years old and that Adam and Eve lived among the dinosaurs.

They came for different reasons, hundreds of people on two sides of history. One side says what's being told inside the museum's walls is false.

Some are protesting the opening of the creation museum, which holds to the idea that the universe is only about six thousand years old.

Thousands of people also lined up Monday morning to tour the new museum.

A ministry called Answers in Genesis raised 27 million dollars in donations for the 65 thousands square foot museum.

Creation Museum president Ken Ham insists, "mainstream science confirms the Bible's history."

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