Richmond Woman Claims She Was Kidnapped

A kidnapping investigation is underway in Richmond.

A woman who lives in the Dixie Plaza Mobile Home Park told police a man took her from her home late Monday night.

The woman told 27 NEWSFIRST that the man, 31 year old Chester Wayne Biggs, knocked on her door. When she opened it, he threatened to kill her family if she did not come with him.

She told investigators the man terrorized her for hours. She says Biggs beat her several times, choked her, and repeatedly threated to kill her.

They ended up at the Richmond Wal-Mart where she was able to signal an off duty police officer.

After police arrested Biggs, they say he kicked out the window of a cruiser.

Biggs is charged with kidnapping and criminal mischief, among other charges.

The victim says Biggs was infatuated with her. She says she's only known him for a few months, and they never had any type of romantic relationship.

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