Report Into Comair Crash Expected This Summer

The federal investigation into the crash of Comair flight 5191 is Wrapping up, and the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday it expects to rule on a probable cause in July.

In a statement, the board announced tentative plans for a public meeting on July 26 in Washington. The meeting is expected to last three to four hours and include the NTSB's safety recommendations and findings concerning a cause of the Aug. 27 crash that killed 49 of the 50 people on board.

The board had indicated it wanted to finish the investigation within a Year after the crash. It opted against holding a public hearing that would include subpoenaed witnesses and could have taken much longer.

Some family members and aviation experts have said they were surprised there would be no public hearing considering all of the apparent safety issues that were brought into question by the crash.

The plane barely got airborne when it took off from a too-short
runway in the predawn darkness and crashed into farmland. Only the
first officer, James Polehinke, survived.

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