City Begins Spraying For Mosquitoes

Each year mosquitoes are a big pest to people across the U.S. Not only are they just plain annoying, but they can cause disease born illness like the West Nile Virus.

In order to combat this yearly problem, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department will begin spraying for mosquitoes throughout Lexington's neighborhoods.

Luke Mathis is the Environmental Health Coordinator for Fayette County and says the deadly pesticide isn't a health hazard to anything except the mosquitoes.

"It has been shown to be very toxic to mosquitoes, but on the flip side its not toxic to other organisms, pets, humans, and other insects," said Mathis.

One might think that since the weather has been dry lately that the mosquitoes this year would not be as plentiful, but its actually just the opposite.

"The drier it is, the water that is available stagnates. It doesn't get flushed out when it rains, so the stagnant water is an optimal place for the mosquitoes to breed in," Mathis said.

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and experts say it takes just 5 days for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs, hatch, and become a nuisance to you and your family.

The mosquito spraying will take place between 9 and midnight beginning Tuesday night and will last throughout the rest of the summer.

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