Bible-Based Museum Attracts Thousands As Protesters Jeer

PETERSBURG, Ky. (AP) - A Kentucky museum that tells the Bible's version of the Earth's history attracted thousands to its opening as protesters jeered outside.

The Creation Museum in Boone County hosted more than 4,000 people on its first day, said Mark Looy, a co-founder and spokesman for the controversial $27 million facility.

The museum, which teaches the Earth was created in a week just a few thousand years ago, had more than 500 people in line Monday just a couple of hours after opening. The parking lot was filled with license plates from dozens of states.

"The guests were very happy with the museum experience," Looy said. "Of course, we had some naysayers come through and engage us in conversation, and that's fine - we want them."

"I enjoyed it - it gives a lot of detail," said Pam Bluhm of Plain City, Ohio, after she viewed the exhibits. "We brought several kids, they're doing reports on it for school, so they took a lot of pictures, are taking notes."

Several dozen protesters staged a rally arguing that the museum's central tenets conflict with scientific dating techniques that show the Earth is several billion years old.

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