Safety Tips For Teens and Parents

Summer is only a day away for Fayette County students.

Tomorrow is the last day of school and police say that means an increase in crime. As the bells ring for the final time, Lexington police are preparing for an increase in crimes.

Lt. JJ Lombardi says the crimes are generally opportunistic, and range from vandalism to burglaries to illegal drinking.

Lombardi says Sunday night should serve as a prime example where hundreds of teenagers gathered at Bandleros. Police tell us the night ended with a fight and one teen tasered .

Teens are not always more likely to commit crimes during the summer, statistics show they're often times the victims.

Some teen safety tips police say parents should pay attention to are:

*Control whom your children are with.
*Know your teens plans.
*Set a reasonable curfew and stick to it.

Some tips for teens to follow are:

*Don't allow anyone into your parents home without their permission.

*If you use the Internet, don't give out personal information such as your address or telephone number.

* Don't ride with someone who has been drinking.

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