New Device Aimed At Helping Moviegoers Enjoy The Show

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"I like the size of the screen the sound the lighting," said Robert Lemons.

Moviegoers like Lemons go to the theater because of the advantages it offers. But it can have it's downfall.

"People talking, babies crying, and bad popcorn," Lemons said.

A device now being offered at Regal Cinemas could help cut back on those problems. It's called the Guest Response System. And is available to members of the Crown Club, a reward system offered by the theater.

Here's how it works. Crown Club members at Regal Cinemas come in, buy their ticket, and the person who sells them the ticket asks them if they want to participate in the program. They are then given this hand held remote. If there's anything wrong with the picture sound piracy or other disturbances all you have to do is push a button. A manager comes to fix the problem without you ever having to get out of your seat.

"I think this is pretty good because there's multiple times I've had a complaint and I don't really want to get up," Lemons said.

"I think it's a great idea. We come up here to see movies instead of our hometown because we went one night and it was teen night and everyone had out their cell phones and managers had to keep coming. So I think it's a great idea," said Vicki Settle.

Not everyone agrees with the new technology.

"I don't want to fool with that, pushing buttons. I just want to enjoy my movie," said Jay Jones.

Since every theater doesn't offer the guest response system there is always the old fashioned way.

"If they're really bothering me I may go ask them to be quiet or just move to another seat," Jones said.

As a Crown Club member Lemons says he'll opt for the easy solution.

"Being able to just push a button and they come in, that's very effective," Lemons said.

The Regal Cinemas in Hamburg have had the remotes for two weeks and say they've received a lot of positive feedback.

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