Traffic Changes in Hamburg To Improve Congestion

Some significant traffic pattern changes in the Hamburg area went into effect today.

One of the most dangerous intersections of Plaudit Place and Pleasant Ridge in Hamburg underwent major changes this morning that city officals hope will improve the traffic congestion, making major intersections less dangerous.

There are three or four traffic pattern changes drivers need to be aware of.

The biggest change is at Plaudit Place. It's now a right turn only in both directions at Pleasant Ridge. Drivers cannot cross Pleasant Ridge or make a left hand turn.

Drivers trying to get to Man O'War need to turn away from it and go around the block. This may add a few minutes, but it should help keep lines of traffic moving.

People who work in the area say they're thrilled to see a change because this area gets way too dangerous.

The Lexington Division of Traffic Engineering says they're making changes at the other end of Plaudit Place as well, from Pink Pigeon to Man O' War.

While it may take time for drivers to get used to these changes, officials hope it will work to improve the overall traffic conditions in the Hamburg Area.

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