Kentucky Leads Nation In ATV Deaths

ATV crashes can cause serious injuries; many of them prove to be fatal.

“(They) received a chest or neck injury when the ATV crushed them,” says Pulaski County Coroner Richard New.

“A lot of injuries come from the handlebar,” he adds. “Very dangerous when you start using the ATV for what it's not intended for.”

New has seen plenty of people die on ATV's. “Most of the accidents have been either on a straight incline or rollover to the side,” he says.

In seven years, Kentucky State Police say 131 people have died on ATV’s. Three of them were in Pulaski County, where Tyler Pierce has been riding since he was 6.

“It's just fun to get out and be able to go where you want to,” says Pierce.

But Pierce agrees his dearly beloved machine can be deadly. He says use, “Common sense. You don't go to too fast. Don't try to jump things or do anything that can get you hurt.”

This advice also comes from the coroner, who doesn't want to see any more of what he's already seen too much of. “Trying to see how fast it will go or how fast up a hill you can climb; things of that nature; they can become a very dangerous vehicle.”

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