Airport Never Enacted Plan to Meet Tower Staffing Guidelines

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Officials at Blue Grass Airport put
together a plan last year to meet federal air traffic control tower
staffing guidelines, but the plan was never put into action.

The tower persuaded a regional traffic control center in
Indianapolis to assist with some of the control duties during the
overnight hours. Federal Aviation Administration guidelines require
at least two controllers to handle the ground radar and the
approach radar.

But only one controller was working the overnight shift last
August 27th Comair Flight 51-91 crashed shortly after take-off,
killing 49 of 50 people on board.

An F-A-A official said the agreement between Blue Grass Airport
and Indianapolis Center was just one step in the process and that
it ultimately proved too complex to implement.

Blue Grass Airport has put at least two controllers in the tower
at all times since the crash.

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