Homes hit hard with burglaries during Thanksgiving holiday

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It's a neighborhood that's home to dozens of students and police say it's become the target of criminals.

There have been at least eight burglaries at homes near the UK campus just in the past two weeks alone, all in a common area. Most of the burglaries happened during the Thanksgiving break for students.

Homes have been hit along Aylesford Place, Oldham Avenue, Woodland Avenue, University Avenue, Transylvania Park, East Maxwell, and Park Avenue.

Ben Johnson, a student at the University of Kentucky, says his home was burglarized while he was home for the holiday.

"My flat screen TV was stolen from me, my Xbox, laptop, a watch my parents gave me for graduation, another laptop, another computer, an authentic Marion Harrison jersey", says Ben Johnson.

Lexington Police say the burglaries are something they've been dealing with for a couple of weeks now.

"We did see a rise in the campus area, the Woodland Avenue and Oldham Avenue area", says Sgt. Jody Stowers with Lexington Police.

They say last year they dealt with the same problem around the holiday season.

"Usually around Christmas break is when we get hit bad in those areas. Anytime students leave, that's when they get hit bad", says Sgt. Jody Stowers.

Police are encouraging students living close to campus who may be heading home for the holidays .to take the necessary precautions.

"If they have friends staying in the area to watch out for their apartment and write down any serial numbers to your electronics. That helps us in retrieving those", says Sgt. Stowers.

"It's definitely an eye-opener. I never had anything like this to happen", says Ben Johnson.

Police say during the Christmas holiday, when students leave campus again, they do plan to have more patrols in this area to prevent more burglaries.

Anyone with information on any of these burglaries that have recently taken place near UK's campus should contact Lexington Police, or Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020.

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