Kidnapping victim calls NEWSFIRST

Lexington Police say it appears a man was kidnapped Monday afternoon after a violent home invasion at a friend's home on Douglas Avenue.
The friend told police she was at her front door talking to 26-year old Frank Tallman around 4:00pm when a masked man with a gun came up behind him and demanded money. She says the gunman hit Tallman in the back of the head with the gun when she told him she didn't have any money. She says Tallman was told to go inside and get money. When he did, she says the gunman asked Tallman if that was his truck parked outside. When he said, 'Yes' she says the gunman told Tallman, "You're going with me".
For hours, police searched for the truck and Tallman, finally receiving a call from his brother saying he dropped the truck off at his house in Nicholasville.
When NEWSFIRST showed up and Tallman found out, he called our newsroom saying he was going to the hospital and was scared to come forward because he had a warrant for his arrest.
Tallman told us over the phone he was forced to drive the gunman to somewhere on Newtown Pike where he got out.
Late Monday night, Tallman spoke to police over the phone and arranged a meeting to talk about what happened him.
The only description police have of the gunman is he was a white male, wearing a white sweatshirt and a mask.

Frank Tallman

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