Delayed unemployment checks now going out

It's something thousands of Kentuckians are depending on right now as they look for a job.

They're getting an extension of their unemployment benefits but there's been a delay in getting those checks in the mail.

And on top of the anxious waiting, some of the unemployed are also dealing with another setback today.

For 61-year old Charles Grimes, times are tough. He now joins thousands waiting to get an extension for his unemployment benefits.

"This is the first time in 40 years I've ever had to draw unemployment," says Grimes.

The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training just announced letters for those who have exhausted extended benefits are now in the mail.

More than 8,000 Kentuckians have been waiting for Congress' most recent extension that gives up to 14 additional weeks of unemployment compensation to those who have collected the maximum 79 weeks.

Some have been without their checks for weeks as the state's unemployment office finished programming the extension into the computer system.

"It's rough because you can hardly pay for rent, and you can't even afford Christmas," says Grimes.

Michael Rose lost his job a week ago when the restaurant he worked at shut down.

"I'm sure people have it rougher than we do," says Rose. "It's just the way the economy is."

Rose, with his wife, and 3-month-old daughter now join the lines that are filling the unemployment offices in Kentucky.

"Never thought I'd have to come down here and be in the position that I'm in," says Rose.

But they wait out what many Americans are hoping is just a temporary setback.

"I'm just trying to survive," says Rose.

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