FBI, state investigators on scene where bones were found

The FBI is joining state and local authorities, combing through a remote area in Southern Kentucky, where a murder investigation is expanding.

The search centers on a burn pit in Pulaski County where 21 year old Kevin Price's body was found over the weekend.

27 NEWSFIRST broke details last night at 11:00 of more human remains being found in the same area.

Coroner Richard New says the bones are not Price's, but are of at least one other person.

The State Medical Examiner Emily Craig has not yet released if the remains belong to a male or female or the age of the bones.

The bones are small fragments, that could fit into the palm of your hand.

The coroner and sheriff have said Kevin Price was murdered, his body then dumped and burned. A cause of death has not been released and they say they don't have any suspects.

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