County Officials Keeping A Close Eye on Water Supplies

While much of Kentucky saw rain over the weekend, it wasn't enough to ease fears of a drought in most places.
Scott County gets much of its water from Royal Springs.
To replenish the spring, officials say they need rain to fall in Lexington. That way, the water will eventually find its way up to Scott County.
Officials say Royal Springs is not a very consistent source of water these days.
They hope to have a reservoir in Scott County at some point.
Scott County is just under a voluntary water restriction now. But if things don't improve soon, officials could move to restricted water usage.
In Fayette County, Kentucky American Water says no water restrictions are in place yet. But Lexington is under a preliminary watch phase.
That means officials monitor river levels, customer usage, and the weather to figure out the best way to preserve the supply.
Click on the link to get more information on water conservation tips from Kentucky American Water.

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