Discussion of a H1N1 School wide vaccine in Fayette County

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School and Health officials are talking about mass vaccinations at Fayette County Public Schools.

The Fayette County Health Department has plans for only one more H1N1 vaccination clinic this year, but now there is talk about bringing vaccination clinics into the classroom.

Kevin Hall with the Fayette County Health Department says they are still in the preliminary stages of school vaccinations in fact, there has been no communication with the Superintendent at this point.

27 NEWSFIRST spoke with a school spokesperson who says the superintendent would be interested in discussing the idea of mass vaccinations for students but it's too early at this point to say it will or will not happen.

A few parents who were waiting to pick up their children outside Dixie Elementary school on Wednesday say they would be in favor of an H1N1 clinic at the school, saying some can't afford the shots others can't find the time to attend weekend clinics.

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