Investigators back on site of burn pit

A team of investigators say they're done collecting evidence at the site where the remains of at least two people were found.

The remains of murder victim Kevin Price were found in a burn pit located just south of Somerset in Pulaski County.

And investigators say, they found the remains of at least one other person as well.

Phil Pendlton reports.

Day two of the search of a burn pit off Strawberry Road in Pulaski County turned up more evidence, more bone fragments.

Coroner Richard New says the skeletal remains collected by state medical examiner Dr. Emily Craig and a team of FBI evidence collectors was very minute in size.

"She says they were in a fire, so as far as details go, she can tell us they are human skeletal bones, but as far as any details, can't give us any information on that."

It will now be up to lab technicians to determine what exactly was found in Pulaski County.

Officials say the bone fragments of the second person were found co-mingled with murder victim Kevin Price's remains.

"Possibly whoever was involved in Mr. Price's death, could have knowledge of the second person."

New says both sets of bone fragments were burned, but there's nothing yet to determine how long the second set of remains were there.

Coroner New says it's doubtful the remains found belong to more than two people.

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