Audit on former library director finds thousands of dollars in questionable spending

From adult materials to thousands of dollars in questionable spending.

Those are a few of the things a city audit of the Lexington Public Library found.

The mayor and council members received the audit on Kathleen Imhoff Thursday.

Mayor Jim Newberry says he's glad the audit was able to detail at the misuse of taxpayer funds but says the excessive spending it found is very disturbing.

He says it's now up to the Library board to fix the problems.

It cites more than $68,000 in questionable spending during a three year period.

Thousands of dollars were spent on pizza and liquor alone.

The audit also claims Imhoff had more than 1,500 adult materials on a library laptop.

The Library board did take some action, Imhoff was fired in July. The board also says it will change the way it monitors credit card in the future.

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