Alleged kidnapping victim charged with robbery speaks exclusively to 27 NEWSFIRST

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26-year-old Frank Tallman is currently behind bars at the Fayette County Detention Center, but says he doesn't belong there.

"They have the wrong guy", Tallman exclusively told 27 NEWSFIRST.

It all started on Monday at a home on Douglas Avenue in Lexington.

"My friend got robbed and I just happened to be there and it was at gunpoint and I got taken out of the house by the robber. I was his only getaway. I guess he didn't want to run, so I took him and dropped him off where he wanted to go", says Tallman.

Tallman said he was a victim in this case, forced to drive the man away.

We asked Tallman if he knew the robbery suspect.

"I think I've seen him before and he had me in the truck with a gun to my neck", says Tallman.

In the meantime, 27 NEWSFIRST aired Tallman's photograph during this incident on the news since he was considered a missing person. That's when police say someone recognized him.

"When Frank Tallman's picture was aired on the news, we got a tip that the victim of that robbery, the possible kidnapping victim was a possible suspect at the Redbob Farm in Lexington. We investigated and followed up on that and yesterday were able to obtain an arrest warrant for Mr. Tallman. He came to headquarters for an interview in reference to the Douglas Avenue case and after that was conducted then charged and arrested him on an outstanding warrant for the farm robbery", says Sergeant Pete Ford, with the Lexington Police Department.

Tallman is now accused of robbing an employee at the Redbob Farm with a gun, accused of taking their keys and cell phone.

"I didn't even know there was a horse farm besides Keeneland in Lexington", says Tallman. "I don't even have a shotgun or gun", he says.

Tallman went on to tell 27 NEWSFIRST he has an alibi for the day of November 22nd. He says he was with his family during the day.

As for Tallman, he's says he's hoping whoever pointed him out as the person who robbed the farm will take another look, saying he's been told the person who robbed the farm had a goatee, and that he didn't have one on that day.

"They saw me with a goatee in that picture on the news and said it was me. They obviously have the wrong guy and didn't specify if the guy had tattoos, or how big he was, or anything. He just said he looked like me, so they put me in jail. I want my daughters to know I'm alright and I hope Daddy's home for Christmas. I didn't do nothing", Tallman says.

Lexington police say they did follow up on information they received about Tallman before obtaining a warrant to arrest him. At this point they don't have any reason to believe that robbery is related to the one on Monday on Douglas Avenue. They say they are investigating them as separate incidents.

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